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Lake Brunner

"Where the Brown Trout Die of Old Age!"

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New Zealand Native Birds - Lake Brunner Region

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Bird watching at Lake Brunner is a rewarding pastime. The best effort so far was by an elderly lady who identified 56 different bird species locally, in a week-long visit. There are a wide variety of both introduced and native birds, and they add a fascinating dimension to your visit

New Zealand has a variety of native birds, and in this alpine environment, a number of species which may be seen. 

New Zealand Native Birds birdwatching ornitology Lake Brunner West Coast New Zealand

The White Heron, or Kotuku, is a regular site along the shallow margins of Lake Brunner. In fact, the Maori name for the lake is Kotuku-Whakaoho. 

The NZ Pigeon (Kereru) is a beautiful bird. Spring time sees then on the willows and plum trees around the village, after the new leaf buds. 
Wood Pigeon does acrobatics in search of fresh leaves, silhouetted against the spring snows on Mt Alexander
The Pukeko is a swamp bird that has thrived with the advent of civilisation. Pasture-lovers, they enjoy paddocks of new grass, much to the dismay of local farmers!
Paradise shelduck are a common sight locally. The female has the gaudy plumage, unusual in the bird world. They mate for life, and nest high in the tops of native trees - the 20 metre plunge does not seem to deter the young birds from leaving the nest, long before they can fly!

Black Swan are often seen in their hundreds in the shallow, weedy bays. Bottom feeders, they also enjoy the high lake levels which result in pastures being inundated.
The delightful little Fantail is a cheerful companion for wanderers in the local rain forests. A cheeky, inquisitive bird, they will flit along with you as you walk, keeping a careful watch on your invasion of their territory. New Zealand Native Birds birdwatching ornitology Lake Brunner West Coast New Zealand


Banded Dotterel - Pohowera

Bell Bird - Korimako

Black Shag

Black-billed Gull 

Blue Duck - Whio

Falcon - NZ - Karearea


Grey Duck - Parera

Grey Teal - Tete

Grey Warbler 


Kingfisher - Kotare

Long-tailed Cuckoo - Koekoea

Morepork - NZ Owl - Ruru

Paradise Shelduck - Putangitangi

Pied Cormorant

Pied Stilt - Poaka


NZ Scaup - Papango

NZ Shoveller - Kuru whengi

Robin - Toutouwai

Shining Cuckoo - Pipiwharauroa

South Island Tomtit

South Island Pied Oystercatcher - Torea

South Island Rifleman

Red-billed Gull - Tarapunga


Variable Oystercatcher - Torea-pango


NZ Wood Pigeon - Kereru


Australian Magpie


Canada Goose

California Quail




Harrier Hawk - Kahu

Hedge Sparrow

House Sparrow 

Mallard Duck





Spur-winged Plover

Song Thrush


White-faced Heron

New Zealand Native Birds - Lake Brunner Region  

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