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Lake Brunner

"Where the Brown Trout Die of Old Age!"

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Thanks again for the amazing week, I'm still in amazement, but reality has set in a little as I've been on my own and the weather hasn't cooperated but I'm doing better than I would be in the States. I've just included shots from what I now simply call "Dave's Run" since I believe you have some lake pictures. I think my favourite is of you packing the the backpack at the end of a 19 fish, 6 hour run, truly indescribable! Thanks again for the introduction to fly fishing the Kiwi way. I'm sold and, God willing, will see you next year!

Dave Jaquith, Wilson, Wyoming, USA (see Jan 2004 fishing report)

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This page provides personal comments (and contact information) from previous guests on their experience with us. 

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This influential web site produces a fine newsletter on international fishing destinations, and has an extensive trip report database - check us out there for independent comments on our guiding services, meals and accommodation!

Our Angling Reports
Our site has an extensive and growing array of fishing reports covering the most productive months of the year. Check them out, and get a feel for what the conditions are likely to be at the time you are planning your trip to NZ. 

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