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New Zealand Fly Fishing Guides - Ben Kemp

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Lake Brunner

"Where the Brown Trout Die of Old Age!"

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Fly fishing rods links: Many famous rods are readily available and widely distributed via numerous sports and tackle shops throughout New Zealand. Browse from list of links below  for more info, or choose from menu at left for access to locations, guides, and more information in our links to fly fishing rods.


"New Zealand's premier fly rods & first choice of Master Cast guides & instructors!"

'Kilwell - New Zealand's leading fly rod maker"


Custom rod blank manufacturer

PO Box 28 794, Remuera

Unit C 25 Ashfield Road, Glenfield

Auckland 1310, New Zealand

Ph. +(64 9) 444 0501 Fax +(64 9) 444 0507


Abu Garcia Fishing Tackle G.Loomis Fishing Rods
Black Arrow - Canada Night Stick fishing rods with illuminated tip
Bogey Custom Fishing Rods Okuma Fly Reels & Rods - Taiwan
Browning Rods & Reels Penn Reels & Rods, Pennsylvania
B F Custom Fishing Rods Performance Rods
Cameron rods Ono Custom Rods
CD Rods New Zealand Rasta custom Rods
Cortland Redington Rods

Cutter's Custom Rods 

A small Alaskan company hand building one custom rod at a time.

Sage Fly Fish
Diamond Back Scott fly rods
East Branch Rods Seeker Fishing Rods
Fenwick Fishing Shimano Fishing
Flylogic reels Fly Reels and Rods SILSTAR Korea
Gatti Fly Rods Shakespeare
Green River Rods Sierra Classic Fly Rods
House of Hardy St.Croix Fishing Rods
H.L. Leonard fishing rods Thomas and Thomas
Icon Rods Van Staal Spinning Reels and Rods
Lamiglas Inc Winston Rods
Lew's rods & reels Zebco FishingReels & Rods


Fishing Rods 

Fishing rods are also supplied as part of our guide services to you. We use CD (NZ) rods....


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