New Zealand Fly Fishing Guides - Ben Kemp

New Zealand Fly Fishing Guides - Ben Kemp

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Lake Brunner

"Where the Brown Trout Die of Old Age!"

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Kingfisher's Flyshack

New Zealand Online Tackle Shop - Lefty Kreh Signature Fly Rods, Teton Fly Reels, Flies, Fly Fishing Equipment & Accessories

Flies, Lefty Kreh TiCr Signature fly rods, Teton fly reels, fly fishing equipment and accessories - all personally tested, endorsed and guaranteed by New Zealand professional fly fishing guides Ben Kemp & Michael Rhodes. Our growing selection for the discerning angler are all products which we use and endorse as being robust, reliable and great value for money. Rods and reels are "lifetime quality" fly fishing tools that you will pass on to your grandchildren!

Lefty Kreh TiCr Signature series fly rods,

Lefty Kreh Signature TiCr Series Fly Rods

This a superb range of top quality rods designed by one of the worlds foremost casting instructors and anglers.

Lefty is literally a legend in his own lifetime, and author of numerous books on all aspects of fly fishing.

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How Well Suited are TFO's Lefty Kreh Rods to NZ Conditions?

"These TFO rods are ideally suited to NZ conditions! One of the impressive aspects is the nifty non-reflective matt black finish! Somebody was thinking! No more sparkle and shine to spook those wary browns during difficult summer conditions!"

Guides Endorsement: Ben Kemp

Teton Fly Reels - Teton, Tioga, Specialist


Teton Fly Reels

bullet Tioga Fly Reels

Specialist Fly Reels

Guides Endorsement: Ben Kemp

"These Teton fly reels are an excellent product, beautifully finished, and function flawlessly. The drag is superb, sensitive to minute adjustments and has a nice audible click. One of the quickest ways to assess the quality of a reel is to dunk it in icy water... and then see how well the drag works! Its a valid, if brutal, quality test which eliminates a great many reels, both expensive and cheap! The Teton reels stand up to this indignity with complete composure - and one of the key features of a reel has to be the ability to function under all conditions.

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New Zealand Fly Shop - Dry Flies - Nymphs - Streamers & Lures

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