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New Zealand Fly Fishing Guides - Ben Kemp

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New Zealand Hunting Guide

New Zealand offers some excellent hunting. In particular, for several exotic game animal species which can only be freely hunted here! All 'big game" animals were introduced and are regarded as agricultural pests. Therefore, there are no hunting seasons for our game animals which may be hunted all year round. The best opportunities for hunting in NZ are to be found on large private farm properties, State Forests and National Parks.  

Red Deer


14 pt Red Stag

Game Birds



Deer Hunting History
Images from the start of the commercial hunting industry in the 1960's... 

This page contains the answers to most of the questions you might want to ask... 

The West Coast is noted for its rain forests -and  the weather plays a significant part in the day to day fishing opportunities.

This page provides personal comments (and contact information) from previous guests on their experience with us. 

The Angling Report
"Serving the Angler Who Travels" This influential web site produces a fine newsletter on international fishing destinations, and has an extensive trip report database - check US out there for independent comments on our guiding services, meals and accommodation! See reports in issues for June 2003, Vol. 16 No.6, and Dec 2002, Vol. 15 No.12


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