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Angling report Jan 2001 Kingfisher Lodge fly fishing reports Lake Brunner

Lake Brunner

"Where the Brown Trout Die of Old Age!"

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Angling Report: Jan 2001 Lake Brunner Fly Fishing Report 

10th - 11th. A day out with couple of nice people from Alaska, Mike and Shelley who operate a salmon & halibut guiding business. The evening of the 10th saw us out on the lake until late. A beautiful evening with a superb sunset, and a number of fine trout hooked on a live "bully" meant we were not back ashore until an hour after dark.

Angling report Jan 2001 Kingfisher Lodge fly fishing reports Lake Brunner West Coast New Zealand

Mike & Shelley Yanak

The 11th was a brilliant day - not a cloud in the sky, low and clear river conditions, and stinking hot. Regular applications of sunblock essential! The venue was the Crooked River, downstream from the bottom bridge and out to the lake via drift boat, an 8am start. The river was literally loaded with trout, but very difficult conditions indeed meant only a couple of half-hearted takes on spinning gear. After a picnic lunch on the lake shore, and a view of the south end of dozens of north-bound trout along the shallows of Horseshoe Bay, we returned to Greymouth. A 2 hour session catching fat & feisty kahawai in the river along the Greymouth  waterfront completed a pleasant day. The kahawai, also known as sea trout, are the most amazing fish on light tackle. They look like a cross between a small salmon and a little tuna, and have incredible power to weight ratios!!! Mike put a Z-spinner on the end of his fly line and trolled that with instant results - and what a battle that ensued! They are very aerobatic, with many lures detached as they leap, or tailwalk. 

7th. A most interesting challenge for the day - take out a party of nine on a day trip, including 5 children under 13 yrs of age. Provide a great location where there is a chance for inexperienced anglers to catch a trout, and lay on a good barbeque lunch. I'm not too surprised that a couple of other guides declined to be involved with this job.... but we had a great day. The folks were US citizens, working for an oil company in Borneo, first time in NZ. The children were truly wonderful - enthusiastic, and well-mannered. 

"Team Callahan"

The weather was superb, and we actually caught 5 trout - 4 were smaller, hooked on live bait, and all released. One nice fat lake trout fell to a Wooly Bugger lure trolled on a downrigger under the drift boat as I rowed out along the lake margins for a couple of hours with one group. This trout had to be taken back to the river base to show the rest of the team how big it was, and then promptly found itself smothered in chilli sauce and onions, wrapped in foil, and popped into the barbeque.... All in all, a lovely day out for all concerned!


Angling Report: Jan 2001 Lake Brunner Fly Fishing Report 

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