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Lake Brunner

"Where the Brown Trout Die of Old Age!"

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Lake Brunner
Lake Haupiri
Lake Poerua

Lake Haupiri, West Coast, New Zealand

Lake Haupiri is a small lake situated between Bell Hill and Kopara, access is via the Nelson Creek road approx 11 kms from Stillwater. Its outlet flows into the Haupiri River, which flows approximately 12 kms before its confluence with the Ahaura River, which in turn flows into the mighty Grey River. It is a heavily tannin-stained lake, and visibility is limited even on the best of days.

 View from western end of Lake Haupiri, looking east towards the Alps, winter 2003.

There are several small streams that enter the lake along the southern and western sides. These usually provide a visible fish or two during the summer months, when trout take advantage of the cooler water and higher oxygen levels.


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