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Client Debriefs

"Hello, and welcome to our references page, where we are happy to share some comments from a few of the wonderful people who have enjoyed our hospitality in the past."

David Jaquith


Thanks again for the amazing week, I'm still in amazement, but reality has set in a little as I've been on my own and the weather hasn't cooperated but I'm doing better than I would be in the States. I've just included shots from what I now simply call "Dave's Run" since I believe you have some lake pictures. I think my favourite is of you packing the the backpack at the end of a 19 fish, 6 hour run, truly indescribable! Thanks again for the introduction to fly fishing the Kiwi way. I'm sold and, God willing, will see you next year!

Dave, Wilson, Wyoming, USA (see Jan 2004 fishing report)


Dale Meir

"In early March, 2004, my friend and I spent 3 wonderful days fishing with Ben Kemp as our guide (and host) on Lake Brunner and on the nearby Lake Poerua. Be forewarned, if you fish with him, you will be spoiled for fishing anywhere else or with anyone else forever. First of all, the fly fishing for brown trout in Lake Brunner is incredible - in my case 19 trout in one day, all over 2 lbs. Second, he is the hardest working and most personable guide imaginable. We stayed with him and his wife in their home and we could not imagine a more friendly atmosphere (including great food and wine). Oh to be back! Dale Meier, Midland, Michigan, USA"


Don't Move!

Don’t move, don’t even twitch” Treebeard murmured. Eight feet away, in about twelve inches of water, a three and a half pound brown trout warily eyed the two unfamiliar lumps on the horizon of its small backwater. After several hundred subjective years, or a few objective minutes, it slowly resumed its elliptical patrol of the 100 foot long 80 foot wide, slowly moving, backwater on a New Zealand West Coast river....

Click HERE for more...

(A story from the summer of 2003,

by Ed Kelliher ©.)

Going Wild In The Land Of The Long White Cloud

You’ll never catch fish in New Zealand by yourself.” Repeatedly, this was the message I received when doing my exhaustive homework before setting out Down Under for the trip of a lifetime. The internet was trawled. I wanted browns, I wanted the majestic scenery of the South Island, and I wanted to know how on earth to go about it....

Click HERE for more...


(A story from the summer of 2003

by Alistair Eykyn ©)

Fred N Sutler

"The fishing was unbelievable! It was the most productive and enjoyable fishing trip in years thanks to Ben Kemp and his wonderful wife and fantastic cook Petchara. This was even better than the Salmon and Sea-trout fishing trip that we did in 2001 at Vikedal river in Norway. A total of 32 wild Brown Trout over 1Kg in 5 days fishing was fantastic and I hope to go again as soon as I get a chance."

Fred N. Sutler

Bayu-Undan Gas Recycle Project

Phone +618 9278 5718 Fax +618 9278 4992


Cliff Walker, Mapleton, Oregon

"Last October (2002) I celebrated my 70th birthday with a fly-fishing trip to New Zealand. I found a website for the Kingfisher Lodge on Lake Brunner and ended up spending a week with my host and guide, Ben Kemp. I'm a complete amateur at fly fishing, but Ben promised he'd teach and I'd catch. He was sure right!!! I caught big brown trout the same afternoon that I landed in New Zealand and every day after that -- a total of something over 30 fish for the week." 

"I've fished all my life and known a few guides, but I can truthfully say that I've never met anyone who worked harder at making a great trip. Wish he was closer -- I'd make it an annual trip." 



Farrel & Kahn Hobbs

 (to someone else, on his trip to NZ) 

"My son Kahn sent me the web site in which you list his comments to you as a reference. I want to tell you that I have been spreading the word around this part of Colorado, USA that I recommend you as a source of information. Kahn planned our trip to New Zealand based almost exclusively on your recommendations, and we had a wonderful trip. So wonderful that we often think of a return visit, both now and with my Grandsons when they are a bit older. (Kahn's son Davis is one, so we have a bit of time to wait for that trip.)"

"I also want to tell you that your recommendation that Kahn and I visit Ben Kemp at the Kingfisher Lodge was priceless advice. I have been with many guides, and none of them are in the same class as Ben. We had some tough fishing days with him, because of weather conditions. However, Ben and his family made even the worst fishing days memorable. We finally caught a good number of trout of excellent size and condition, mostly on the last day. You can see a picture of Kahn with a trout on one of our less productive days on Ben's web site. My thanks to you for your help."

Farrel Hobbs  4727 West 101st. Place, Westminster, Colorado USA, 80031 Ph: (303) 469-3247


 Fletcher and Haley, San Diego, CA USA

"What more can two ask for...A beautiful day in New Zealand while Trout fishing!"
 "The hospitality and food were amazing. Couldn't of asked for more!!! Thanks again!" 


Sandy & Rick Callahan and Friends

"My family and another family (9 people all together, including 5 kids under 13) had the pleasure of spending a day fishing with Ben and his brother Darcy on

 our recent trip to New Zealand. It was definitely one of the highlights of our trip (the avid fishermen in our group agree it was THE highlight!) I'm sure it wasn't easy to come up with a plan to entertain our group that kept everyone happy, but they did a great job of it. Some of us fished in the river, while others fished in the lake, and some went for a swim. They arranged everything for us and had a "camp" set up for the day. We all had a fabulous day and the freshly caught and cooked trout was a bonus!"

Sandy Callahan    (62) 542-738039   





"Hello Ben. 

My fishing stay with you was the highlight of my trip. The fishing was great and your company was just as good. I will surely recommend you to anyone I know coming to New Zealand.

Keep in touch."

Joe Kinker, 20 Ellerman Road, Lake Saint Louis, MO 63367 USA



KC Mueller, Honolulu, Hawaii

"I traveled to New Zealand just to catch some of South Island's famous Brown trout. I had no idea that my guide, Ben Kemp, would provide me much more than just a fishing experience. 

Of course, the fishing was excellent, thanks to Ben's intimate knowledge of the lakes and rivers. When I departed New Zealand, I had a week of wonderful fishing and wildlife memories that only someone like Ben could provide me. Ben was more than a guide, he was a wonderful companion!"  


Norman & Bunny Hawkins

We had a wonderful week fishing with Ben Kemp! We liked the diversity of the fishing that you offered - from drift fishing to sight and wading fishing.

 The accommodations were very comfortable and you are a good cook! Enjoyed your company and good luck in the future.


Peter Arnold

The photos bring back memories of a great and varied session of fishing in New Zealand with you, one hope we can do again sometime. In that day and a half we fished for kawahai, spent a good two hours casting into the lake banks, three hours on the Crooked with the drift boat, an hour or so fishing from shore, another two-plus hours working along the shore line, and probably three hours on the Arnold - plus getting a look at the nuke sub of a brown under the bridge! You gave us a lot of good time, and the fact that we didn't bring any trout to the net was certainly not through any lack on your part of trying to put us where they should have been. Next time, next time....

And we so appreciated the trip by car over Arthur's Pass with you. . In all a wonderful time, and for me one of the real highlights of our trip to New Zealand!    


Kevin & Laura Noble, Sydney, Australia 

"That had to be just the best holiday, we are both still raving about it!" 

Kevin & Laura Noble, in the Boyle River, North Canterbury


Pete & Immi Shea, Gulf Shores, Florida

"This is the third trip to NZ, and once again the team gave us a holiday to remember! We both caught some big brown trout, and enjoyed some exciting duck hunts." 

Immi Shea, Cashmere Bay, Lake Brunner - a 3lb brown trout!


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