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Lake Brunner

"Where the Brown Trout Die of Old Age!"

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NZ Fishing Books

There are great range of wonderful books about New Zealand trout fishing, flies and fly-tying. Most are listed  below, available online from WWW.TROUT-BOOKS.COM

trout fishing books new zealand fly fishing books Our Personal Recommendation.... 

"Hooked On Trout"

 By Ron Giles
198 pages, Softcover
54 Colour Photo, 8 Black & White Photos, 21 Maps, Published 2000

Size: 185mm x 240mm

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Description: Fly fishing surveys have shown that anglers all rate solitude and the quality fishing experience very highly. With this in mind, Ron Giles has written “ Hooked on Trout” . It profiles what he regards as twenty of New Zealand’s best trout fishing rivers and lakes. They are not necessarily the best known, or most productive, but they all offer quality fishing in the form of solitude and the opportunity to catch a trophy trout.
In each chapter, Ron includes such information as how to get there, which techniques best suit the water found there, fly tying instructions and anecdotal information based on his own experience, all of which will enable anglers to get the most out of a day on the water. Comprehensive maps and informative photographs make this an invaluable resource for anglers who wish to improve their skills.



Flies That Catch Trout Laurence Christie
Norman Marsh's Flybox Norman Marsh
Trout Fishing: A Guide to New Zealand's South Island Tony Busch
South Island Trout Fishing Guide John Kent
Norman Marsh's Troutfishing Norman Marsh
Hooked On Trout Ron Giles
New Zealand's Top Trout Fishing Waters John Kent & Patti Magnano Madsen
Trout Fishing in Southland New Zealand Southland Fish and Game
Brown Trout Heaven Z. Mirfin, G. Marshall, R. & J. Bowler
Serious About Trout Fishing Tony Orman & John Morton
New Zealand Trout Flies - Traditional and modern. Keith Draper
Up the Creek with John Kent John Kent
One Hundred Years of Trout Fishing in New Zealand John Parsons & Bryn Hammond
The Complete Guide to New Zealand Trout Lures. Derek Quillam
How to Catch Fish Colin Anderson
New Zealand Fly Tying – The Ten Thumbed Beginners Guide By Hugh McDowell
Choose The Right Fly Keith Draper
Catching Trout Les Hill & Graeme Marshall
The Flies In My Hat Greg Kelly

Norman Marsh’s Angling Yarns

Norman Marsh
Fly Fishing for Beginners Keith Draper
Hooked on Fly-Tying Keith Draper
North Island Trout Fishing Guide John Kent
The Reed Guide to New Zealand Freshwater Fishes Dr. R M McDowell
Reflections on the Water Bob South
Stalking Trout Les Hill & Graeme Marshall
Moods of New Zealand Flyfishing David Hallett
Angler's Paradise Nancy & Bryan Tichborne
Trout Fisherman’s New Zealand Log Book Illustrated by Jim Ayers
The Guide to Trout Fishing in Otago Edited by Brian Turner
Parsons Pleasure John Parsons
Fishing Smarter For Trout Tony Bishop
Freshwater Admiral Vice-Admiral Harold Hikling
Fish 'n' Chaps Bob South
Stalking Stillwaters Les Hill
Salmon Fever Ross Millichamp
Trout Secrets: How to Catch Trout in New Zealand  Geoff Thomas
Alex Gillett’s Trout Cookbook  Alex Gillet
Tales of Fishing  Bryn Hammond
New Zealand Fishing Flies   Robert K Bragg

“Beware of taking to collecting books on angling. You will find yourself become so attached to the fascinating hobby, that you would, if necessary, pawn the shirt off your back to collect some coveted edition.”



 - R B Marston

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Sight Fishing 
This unique fishing technique is the specialty of New Zealand's premier fly fishing guides! 

Casting Requirements 
NZ fly fishing will often require you  to cast further than you've ever cast before!

Outline of clothing and accessories required to make the most of your NZ fishing vacation..

Drift Boat Fishing 
Drift boats are the answer to difficult bank access, and provide a safe & comfortable fly fishing platform. 

You can check out the West Coast's seasonal variables and conditions you might encounter at differing times of year.

Brief outline of angler's access rights to NZ lake, river and stream margins. 

The West Coast is noted for its rain forests -and  the weather plays a significant part in the day to day fishing opportunities.

This page contains the answers to most of the questions you might want to ask... 

This page provides personal comments (and contact information) from previous guests on their experience with us. 

The Angling Report
"Serving the Angler Who Travels" This influential web site produces a fine newsletter on international fishing destinations, and has an extensive trip report database - check US out there for independent comments on our guiding services, meals and accommodation! See reports in issues for June 2003, Vol. 16 No.6, and Dec 2002, Vol. 15 No.12

Fishing Links 
Links to international fishing sites, guides, lodge, rod & reel manufacturers etc.

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